South & East Mediterranean College of Oncology
First SEMCO-ASCO Conference
National Training Centre, Cairo, Egypt
5-6 April 2007

Second SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Advanced Course
Ain Shams Training Centre, Cairo, Egypt
26-28 March 2008

Third SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Sesme, Izmir, Turkey
20-22 November 2008

Fourth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
15-17 April 2009

Fifth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Abu Dhabi, UAE
25-26 February 2010

Sixth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Ramses Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
27-28 January 2011

Seventh SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Cancer Care in the Older Population
Radisson Blu Hotel
18-19 October 2012

Palestine Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt
5-7 December 2007

Second Anual African Breast Cancer Conference
Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
17-19 March 2009
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Under the Patronage of

Prof. Ahmed Zaki Badr
Prof. Mahmoud El Tayeb
Prof. Ahmed I. Nassar
Ain Shams University
Vice President
Ain Shams University
Dean of Faculty of Medicine
Ain Shams University

Conference Presidents
Prof. Hussein Khaled
Prof. Atef Yousef
Prof. Ahmed Elzawawy
President of SEMCO
Dean of NCI, Cairo Un.
Head of Clin Onco Dept
Ain Shams University
President of ICEDOC
Director of SEMCO

Conference Secretary General

Dr. Atef Badran

ASCO International Course Director

Prof. Lodovico Balducci

Local ASCO Course Director
Prof. Hussein Khaled
SEMCO - ASCO - ASCOD Advanced Course, 26-28 March 2008
Ain Shams Training & Educational Development Center, Cairo, Egypt

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