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Gulf International Cancer Center cordially invites you to attend 5th SEMCO-ASCO Meeting at Intercontinental Hotel - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates during 25-26 February 2010.

Meeting will cover the following scientific topics:

Who should attend?
    Oncologists                            Radiologists
    Pathologists                           Pharmacists
    Urologists                               Nurses
    General Practitioner            All Surgeons
First SEMCO-ASCO Conference
National Training Centre, Cairo, Egypt
5-6 April 2007

Second SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Advanced Course
Ain Shams Training Centre, Cairo, Egypt
26-28 March 2008

Third SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Sesme, Izmir, Turkey
20-22 November 2008

Fourth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
15-17 April 2009

Fifth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Abu Dhabi, UAE
25-26 February 2010

Sixth SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Ramses Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
27-28 January 2011

Seventh SEMCO-ASCO Conference
Cancer Care in the Older Population
Radisson Blu Hotel
18-19 October 2012

Palestine Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt
5-7 December 2007

Second Anual African Breast Cancer Conference
Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
17-19 March 2009
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Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC)
25 - 26 February 2010, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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