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Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

“We are proud and humbled that world-class drilling company Odfjell Drilling has selected the Semco Maritime team for this complex and high profile project. The high docking enables for a minimized diving operation during antifouling of the hull and optimisation of the time spent on seawater valve change,” says Managing Director of Semco Maritime Norway, Lars Jønholt Halvorsen.

The method furthermore enables for other measures to optimise the hydrodynamics of the hull as the transit and planned drilling operation would benefit from this modification. These measures will reduce the carbon footprint of the rig when in operation.

“During the risk-out phase, we have enjoyed excellent cooperation with the Odfjell Drilling team with a shared focus on how to perform a high docking on one of the largest floating drilling units in the world. We have worked to ensure quality in all aspects of the project while putting safety first at all times. We look forward to continuing the team-work and delivering a well-planned and safe project,” says Lars Jønholt Halvorsen.

Deepsea Stavanger is custom-built for operations in harsh environment areas and among the most advanced semi-submersible rigs in the world. The heavy double-derrick unit was built in 2010 and designed for operations at water depths of up to 3,000 metres. The scope of the project includes upgrading of the rig’s hull and mooring system as well as installation of purpose-built equipment for operations in the tough environment off the South African coast.

Semco Maritime expects to employ 100-200 people on the project at Hanøytangen where the facilities include Northern Europe’s largest operating dry-dock of 125x125 meters, accommodation with single beds for 365 workers, several quays with depth ranging from 17-90 meters at quayside and people in-house and support from suppliers holding significant track record on rig upgrade projects.

For further information:Lars Jønholt Halvorsen, Managing Director Norway, tel. +47 5163 8894,