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General enquiries
Tel. +45 7916 6666


Semco Maritime
Esbjerg Brygge 30
DK- 6700 Esbjerg

Service and maintenance

Giving you maximum value from your offshore assets by minimizing downtime.


We get the job done fast - without interfering with your operations. We guarantee that your asset will meet global safety demands and that it will be back in operation on schedule and budget - in better shape than ever.

Specialist service teams

The right people to operate, service and maintain your asset

Our resources are highly qualified, professional and cost-efficient. We adapt to your needs through hassle-free up and down-scaling.

Specialised multi-discipline service teams perform Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECE) checks. Our SECE team works as an autonomous unit consisting of a supervisor and technicians who perform SECE checks, create and correct job findings on the spot. The team works independently and the SECE technicians have gone through training to solve the whole job without interference with the fixed operations personnel of the platform.

Electrical service
We service a wide range of electrical systems and equipment to make sure that your vessel is in top shape for its next assignment offshore. Below is an extract of what we typically handle for our customers:

  • Electrical-Ex maintenance
  • Thermography inspections
  • Generator installation
  • UPS systems
  • Breaker test (primary and secondary)
  • Testing and cleaning of switchboards
  • Thermography
  • Battery capacity test of UPS systems
  • EX distribution boards and control panels
  • Check, test and cleaning of Fire and Gas detection systems
  • High voltage switchboards and cable installation
  • Level monitoring systems
  • Various HMI / SCADA / DCS systems
  • Emergency shutdown systems (ESD)
Mechanical service

We provide efficient and high quality mechanical maintenance and services for sizes of projects. Below is an extract of our offerings:

  • Steel work
  • Rig interface
  • Deck extension and walkways
  • Piping LP/HP, Plastic piping
  • Scaffolding and rigging
  • Special welding repairs
  • Leg repairs and replacement of bracings
  • General design and fabrication
  • Thrusters replacement
  • Drag chain upgrade or modification
  • Leg inspection / repair
  • Lifeboat upgrade, installation and commissioning
  • Removal and disposal of existing cranes and pedestals
  • Cranes, pedestals, kingposts and booms
  • Drillers cabin replacement or upgrade
  • Handrail, Walkway and Stair Tower systems
Service and maintenance

Telecom and firefighting

With a one-stop-shopping service concept, we offer to service all telecommunication and firefighting systems and equipment. We make sure that our customers' systems satisfy the highest  demands for reliability, operational safety and life-long technical support. Our engineers have been protecting offshore assets with fire detection systems and extinguishing systems for 40 years.

Valve service

Test, service and calibration of safety, pressure, flow, level, temperature control and pneumatic valves onsite or in our fully-equipped workshop in Esbjerg, Denmark.

ATEX certified workshop

Electrical service

In our ATEX certified workshop, we can handle your project all the way - from concept and electrical design through to fabrication and installation of the cabinets or boxes - or we can simply fabricate and install.

HVAC service

Our HVAC specialist team is a combination of highly skilled  technicians and HVAC engineers with experience from onshore and offshore installations, rigs and vessels.

Rope access

IRATA certified operator

Semco Maritime is an IRATA Member Company – 1 of only 2 in Denmark that is certified as both Operator and Trainer. Being an IRATA Member is not the same thing as merely using IRATA-qualified technicians. We have undergone strict membership entry requirements and are regularly audited. Go to IRATA directory.

These audits ensure that we follow IRATA best practice and that we:

  • Have our own rope access procedures
  • Undertake in-depth risk assessment
  • Use an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor on every job
  • Trace and maintain our equipment
Rope access

Rope access is a cost-efficient solution in hard-to-reach places. Our rope access technicians  solve the following types of jobs:

  • Rigging and mechanical fitting
  • Painting and blasting
  • Electrical installation and repair
  • NDT testing and inspection
  • Pipefitting and insulation
  • Wind turbine inspection, service and repair
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • welding
  • PDO survey
  • Custommade solutions

Our multi-disciplined rope access teams are trained in the full range of the above services. Indirectly, they also help you maximize efficiency by relieving the pressures on heli-transport and offshore bed space.

Learn more about our rope certificates here.

Fabric maintenance

Fabric maintenance help extend the operational life of your production asset. Multi-disciplined rope access teams cover the full range of services. 

Our fabric maintenance offerings include:

  • Inspections
  • Coating
  • Insulation
  • Scaffolding
  • Construction modifications (mounting and welding)
  • Staffing
  • Rope access
Specialist process cleaning

Process downtime and restricted capacity are often the result of sludge and scale in the process system. Working together with Bilfinger Salamis, Semco Maritime has engineered solutions that enable intrusive and non-intrusive technologies for the removal of sludge from process vessels as well as scale from process pipework and equipment.

  • Removal of sludge from process vessels.
  • Cleaning of process systems and chemical cleaning.
  • Removal of NORM scale from pipes and equipment

At our onshore facility in Esbjerg Denmark, we can receive NORM-contaminated equipment from your asset. 

Safety is part of our DNA

Semco Maritime sets ambitious objectives and targets in order to progressively achieve an HSEQ performance that adds value to the company and its stakeholders.

The goal is clear:
Zero harm to employees
Zero harm to the environment
Zero harm to stakeholders
Zero harm to our assets